This list illustrates in detail three special items that are of great interest to the national history of the Latin American countries of Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela. The three items have more than one feature in common: first of all, their historical context is the nineteenth century, a much-troubled period during which Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela struggled in order to find their national identity and achieve long-desired stability after the end of the Spanish rule.

Second, more importantly, they are bibliographical survivors and, in this sense, they can be called treasures at right, inasmuch they miraculously managed to overcome intentional destruction due to war and political strife. This is very true at least of the first two items, which, as all books, were printed in great series of copies, perhaps hundreds or thousands of copies, and today are close to be almost unique objects instead of multiples. Third and lastly, they are not just average books, but historically important books; crucial books for the history of the aforementioned countries, and it is surprising to find out that these important books have survived in so few copies that can be counted on one hand. As you will learn by leafing through, the second book in the list is virtually unique.